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Does Your Small Business Need a Consultant?
Small business consulting services can make your business more profitable

i offer a range of consultancy services to small and medium enterprises which means your time is freed up to run your business and get those all-important customers through the door. What's more, you'll benefit from over 10 years experience in branding, marketing, creative services and business development which can really make the difference to your growth


Hourly Fee 50£

or Project-Based pricing


Support to grow
Our range of consultation services and creative services have been developed with your business needs in mind.

We will help you to think differently, identify and tackle barriers and to focus on the right things at the right time to achieve growth. In short – we unlock the (often hidden) potential in your business!

What I can do  for you

Making the right strategic decisions is paramount for any business., and it is your responsibility to make the correct decision. Such strategic decisions could be:

  • Do you diversify your service?

  • Is your company structured correctly?

  • How do we maximise value?

  • How do I achieve the growth I need?

  • What’s the best way to raise funding/investment?

  • Do I have the right mix of skills within my team and when should I invest?


Of course, inviting an outsider into your business can be difficult, but such strategic decisions should be made after seeking expert advice. Just take a look at the services I’ve provided to our previous clients in diverse sectors such as: recruitment, media, biotech, telecoms, retail and wholesale, leisure, and financial services.

I and my partners have a range of creative services that enable us to act as your one-stop shop for a number of solutions that you may otherwise spend all your time trying to source, manage or implement.

Nobody knows your business better than you, but we believe by sourcing a range of services from one location, you can build a strong relationship with a partner who start to know your business just as well as you do. 

Helping you save money and time

We recognise sourcing alternative services at a fraction of the cost can be difficult, and time consuming. Which is why we can do this for you. As well as our range of business services and solutions, we can support you by sourcing cheaper alternatives to sometimes costly services that we don't currently provide ourselves.

How we work

We offer an expert service, delivered by our in-house experts. We provide business consultancy services for small businesses in one of two ways:

Business consultancy
Typically, we will take this approach when responding to a particular issue or working on a defined project. We will meet with you to better understand the particular project, its aims, and challenges.  We will then work together over a period of days and weeks to push forward and complete the project.

Regular meetings
In this approach, we will typically we meet with you periodically (normally monthly or quarterly) and we review the performance of the company together.  Our role is often about asking the ‘difficult’ questions and then helping you to figure out the next steps