I'm a marketing freelancer with a wealth of experience in digital marketing and can provide proven results. In a market place which is saturated with social media 'experts', chose someone whose focus is on getting you more custom and who is dedicated to helping your business grow.

Detailed and quick-paced and a true team player. Pursuing a new sales-driven role where hard work and dedication will be highly valued.


Experienced Tutor and Mentor for small business and international business companies with demonstrated success as an instructor and guide with excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Superior knowledge of Languages( Italian (native), Spanish, French) and Writing.



I can provide accurate and precise translations in short turnarounds at very competitive prices.
Language Pair    Translation Price
English to French    £0.10 per word
English to Italian    £0.09 per word
English to Spanish    £0.09 per word


I am a native Italian and a modern teacher and tutor adapted to many educational systems in Europe and especially in the UK with a large responsibility for learning and training of students and adults.Step by step I can contribute to raising their level of understanding, knowledge and their potential, through different learning methods and feedback through interactive exercises with response - question, guaranteeing their success


Product. Price. Place. Promotion. These outline the four P’s of marketing.

Market Research typically covers one of those four measures–place. Place includes an analysis of a specific market or segment.

Product. Price. Place. Promotion. These outline the four P’s of marketing.

Marketing Research covers all four of those possible measures to identify and understand consumer preferences.

To understand analysis, what motivates consumers and how to put strategies in place to improve business. 

Social Media

Finding it hard to find the time to run your social media accounts? I can work on this activity for you. Attract new customers to your website with regular and consistent social media posting. I provide audience building and interaction with all packages.